The New England Trainer’s Network is a group of experienced, independent pet care, training and behavior professionals who adhere to an humane hierarchy of science-based care and practices.

The New England Trainer’s Network was created to provide a reliable, sane and no-nonsense single source for good, safe, expert,¬†professional referrals for all things pet care, from training and behavior work, to walking, grooming, boarding and in-home care, and for dogs, cats and all companion animals.

New England Trainer’s Network members agree to the LRBI principle of Least Restrictive Behavior Intervention methods and approaches to humane training, husbandry and behavior issues with pets and when dealing with human clients as well.

Network members work individually and cooperatively to ensure the best care and effective service to their clients, forming a supportive and encouraging community around the animals and people they serve.

Members’ services include training, walking, grooming, behavior consulting, boarding, pet care and all aspects of companion animal support, care and enrichment.